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Marketing focused Business Executive
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Bruce M. Meyer


3588 Kingsboro Rd. Atlanta, GA 30319.       (404) 816 9116.


 Marketing focused Business Executive


Dynamic forward-thinking professional maximizes results by utilizing current organizational strengths and acquired resources.  Qualified and experienced in global business expansion, ideation, change, strategic planning, team building, execution, budget management, and reporting with a strong background in customer specific marketing and expanding traditional business strategies in non-traditional (outside-the-box) ways.


Documented success in B2B marketing into high-profile clients (and profitable customers) employing many B2C techniques. A capable leader in producing increased sales/market-share, with application of appropriate media and intimate marketing tactics based on quantitative, qualitative research and knowledge






People Development


Customer’s Voice

Problem Solving

Relationships Building



Business Development

Performance Management

Developing Strategy




Budget Management



§  Created the Arthur Andersen “Human Capital” Brand by introducing holistic consulting & communication.

§  Extensive involvement in the $20 to $400+ million growth at 30+% profit margins in 50+ countries.

§  Produced & managed PR campaigns earning recognition by media as the HR market leader.

§  Turned around a 70 year old Atlanta Festival by branding, repositioning and solving political consternation.

§  Instrumental in the inception of, and the accelerated growth of three global divisions for WorldCom.

§  New products/services introductions, Salesman of Year Honors and Design Awards for Collateral.




M-provement/ TRIAD OF NORTH ATLANTA LLCs- Atlanta, GA   2002-Present

Executive Business Coach and Entrepreneur working with individuals within corporations helping solve organizational and business issues, redirecting energy/resources to advantageous application, and strategy development.  Act as an agent, finding manufacturing alternatives primarily in China. Perform business development and strategic marketing role for niche start-ups.  Use social media, to take ideas from thought    to market. i.e. Airport Booties® a green consumer product conceived, created, launched and sold by the LLC.


§  Catalyst for acquisition of $15 Million book of business for Financial Services firm.

§  Redirected employees eliminating possible/probable law suits.

§  Facilitated strategic business direction of Internet Company and redeployed assets.

§  Created revolutionary green consumer product.


ARTHUR ANDERSEN- Atlanta, GA   1996-2002                                                                                      

Director of Marketing, Human Capital Practice- (HR Consulting) 

As a member of the leadership reporting to Global Managing partner addressed the challenges of being a late entrant into the HR Consulting arena and with the aid of a worldwide team, managed the global marketing function.   Grew the service line through the creation of and execution of internal & external business plans  and strategic initiatives.


§  Introduced and established the brand, Human Capital redefined $10 Billion HR consulting sector.

§  Managed the successful brand launch into 50 countries, 120 offices and 2600 professionals

§  Executed multi-level communication campaigns.  Produced & managed PR campaigns.

§  Instrumental in revenue growth from $20 million to $400+ million annual revenues.

§  Wrote and managed multi-million dollar budgets, investment criteria, and metrics and ROI levels.

§  Catalyst for investments in alliance, joint venture activities and strategic relationship development.

§  Published books (NYT Best Seller); articles, quarterly surveys and newsletters. 

§  Concepted the use of social media utilizing the internet to augment print media messaging.

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